The way to choose from and an ignorant German two-cylinder

“Which way do I choose ? ” it almost seems like a trivial question but “Who am I and what I want” is one of the cornerstones of the meaning of life (I recommend You to see the masterpiece of the Monty Python…).

Sometimes, the answer to the question we are faced with choices that are the antithesis of, and this often generates doubts almost amlethics .

There is a kind of easy road, with some curve in sight, quite linear and almost never disconnected.

It has very nice landscapes and if you are lucky you can encounter some beautiful sunset that will make you dream and, in the end, you will not find almost anything of a disturbing or unpredictable, because you know almost immediately where you are and what you will bring.

Of this path there are several variations but they almost all look the same and if you like it or believe it is right to be content with, is the one that is perfect, because you will be very good.

And then, my Friends, is the other !!

Before you even turn down the street you already have the vague feeling that you going to slip into something different, knowing perfectly well that it will be a chaos, because it will be a frenzy of ups and downs on the jagged mountain peaks that will make you repeatedly think of to want to give up everything.

This is the way that in certain moments she whispers, “let it be is not for you, you have already had the good fortune to arrive here, but now go back to your place, home, because if you decide to go further you might get really bad”, and it is in those moments that you need to ask if it really worth it.

Could be a huge error, or perhaps, if you have courage and you believe in yourself, it will show you stunning landscapes that you would never have imagined to see and the sunsets will give you will make the aurora borealis is nothing more than a game of lights made by a beginner.

Maybe, Who knows ?

I have been several things in my life, but you certainly can’t say that has never accepted the challenges.

At times I became overwhelmed by them and by weights ancient that I have obscured the soul but now I have found the awareness to believe in me and nothing else.

I had a motorcycle, a BMW GS120o and, over two years ago, I have given into the hands of the boys of Officine Sbrannetti that they were looking for a challenge.

We understood each other immediately because we both knew we what they could have become, and the result was beyond expectations.

I did not want to sell it but transform it, freeing it from its shell, and now that I’m doing the same route I hope to become like her, because in the end, I revised, even though for me it took about two years.

Maybe not the most beautiful for everyone and surely it is to handle with care because if you are not able to be expressed becomes heavy and difficult to manage.

It is noisy and bulky but as you move, everything changes, and becomes a powerful, unique, and not afraid of the curves because he knows what he’s capable of.

I love the deep rumble and throaty of his twin and, when I pull down the speed by turning the wrist to open the throttle, the hoarse roar of the exhaust, it puts the chills on the back.

The hurt that makes you laugh like a child know they have done a mischief, and that popping, vibrant and powerful nourishes the soul like few other things.

And now to the end of it all we will come back here, to the eternal question that always gnaws, and so the question around to you :

Being able to afford to do so, which road would you choose ?

The Song for today is : Wicked Game – Chris Isaak (Heart Shaped World – 1989)


Maurizio Marchisio

Maurizio Marchisio

Da circa vent’anni frequento quotidianamente Il mondo del Food & Beverage anche sotto forma di lavoro ed ogni volta che mangio, bevo, viaggio o cucino diventa automatico confrontare, curiosare, sperimentare, perchè è più forte di me provare ad immettere nel caos ordinato che alberga nella mia testa l’infinità di stimoli cognitivi e culturali che mi fornisce questo variegato ed incoerente mondo enogastronomico.

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