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Champagne Marie Noelle Ledru I like them because they have something different, sometimes rough but never for all.

It is not a matter of price and, indeed, that falls within the average of the good ones but most known by the public at large; but what expresses with its wines.

All its products are basically little dosed, and this in the photo, has a vinous, with a light perlage and end, and if you take an old disgorgement is accentuated those mild oxidative note that complicates the drinkability to the public at large.

Is considered the lady of Pinot Noir from Ambonnay, and its Champagne, will express strongly territoriality and roughness.

The pairing of a Grand Cru of Chardonnay produced in the Cotes de Blanc and an equal level of Pinot Noir from Ambonnay denotes enormous differences, and it is right, because if both have the gypsum as a common denominator, the nuances of the two grapes in the single terroir that determine its peculiarities.

It is like having faced two gorgeous women but very different, a blond and a brunette, each with something special and unique.

How do you choose?

I believe that it is better not to go beyond and be left to their own freedom of opinion, although as far as I am concerned I can express my (seen that at the bottom I am the author of the article…).

In women, for me it is irrelevant the beauty or the hair color, but the ability to take possession of my heart is determined by other factors.

As for the Champagne Marie Noelle Ledru or Cedric Bouchard (another producer of the cult but of the Aube), of some women i love complexity, sharpness, the character everything that set of details that make it extremely attractive in the eyes of many, but that really only a chosen few can understand and interpret.

Because, in the end, the key to happiness lies in the ability to understand them, love them not looking for perfection but finding the uniqueness.

With some of these brighty creature how some champagne that can not be otherwise, .

All they can talk about it, because it is easy and everyone likes to tell the myths, but the class, elegance, the austere removal and the unquestionable beauty are not for everyone.

We are talking about exclusivity and if in some cases enough money for it to be able to understand it there goes much further.

For me the champagne and women are and must be so.

Never banal, never boring, never for all..Otherwise, if everyone could understand them, where would be the true pleasure of the exclusivity?

Drink a Great Champagne, not necessarily a pricey but one that you like so much and make you feel good, although you will understand only you smiling to nothing.

The music of today is dedicated to those who are looking for something special, or even to those who have already found and, perhaps, he realizes this.

Let’s stay Togheter – Al Green (1972)

See you soon

Maurizio Marchisio


Maurizio Marchisio

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