Love, Saffron and a bottle that i did not want to open up

The term true love is too to be able to enclose in a few words and sometimes even those may seem superfluous.

Definitions sterile or passionate everyone keeps external or their own and all might be right or wrong depending on occasions.

I had the luck in life because he has resided and still dwells within me, and it is curious as you can try at the same moment in its manifestations more different, whether it is for a child or for another person.

Love is everything from the beginning to the end and you cannot turn it off or make it stop when you want, even if sometimes it would be almost beautiful to be able to do so.

In some difficult moments, cease loving could be the only way to get back on its feet but precisely by virtue of its nature the Love is so immense that even if you hurts to die you can not get rid of them.

As I wrote recently, laughing is really well but as well I knew at times laugh not just because you live in situations that for small instants ti curve the heart and you deprive the breath.

See a son leaving for a long trip or a woman that you loved crazy leave forever from you may take the desire to laugh.

And then you do to deliver thee from the impending catastrophe emotional ?

I don’t know you, but I have always associated the kitchen to Love, for me to cook, experimenting with new dishes for the beloved person has always been a privilege, and at the same time to choose the right bottle from the cellar I have always seen as the perfect quadrature of a circle exclusive.

In these years I have learned, played, experienced dared and sometimes even wrong but the joy and the anxiously waiting for an acknowledgment in the eyes or in the words of the one who I was sitting in front, has always enormously repaid the commitment that we had made.

Cook for those who loves is something special, because free the imagination and the heart to try to create something just for you (or him don’t discriminate…), to demonstrate how much is true and is special for you.

And the choice of the right wine is also special because it is the ideal seal, center the perfect pairing and the right vintage, is not by all, but if we are successful, read it in his eyes, you do not need anything else to be happy.

Today that i was in a mood a bit hazy after a nice ride in motion with him, I decided to cook using the heart for the person I love most in life, my son.

Not that other times does, indeed, lately is my first tester because, fortunately, it eats everything and appreciates that the uses as guinea pigs.

Some dishes i do not want to replicate because fall of law in sweet memories and painful, for which probably i not cook  for awhile, but given that we must always go forward, today I gave a thrust to an first using saffron .

Nothing strange, but it made me think, for certain aspects is like love because it is not at all, it just a little to get great results, is precious, gives color and if well dosed changes everything.

You know, sometimes I realize to be strange …

While I was preparing the dish I opened the cellar fridge and I looked at what was inside because i could not remember and i found the bottle that would bind Beautifully the first fish, and was not a white : Bordeaux Chateau Phelan Segur 2005 .

But because there is a big but, I bought a crate en primeur when my son was born and the only one that I uncorked so far, is linked to remember too important, for which I would say that it is perhaps a little too much for a simple dish of Paccheri .

The dark moments exist but is the attitude with which they face that determines how they overcome… or not ?

The track today I dedicate myself to my son why was the intro of the first ( and only for now) great concert we have seen together : AC/DC at Imola in 2015.

Lots of stuff, difficult to describe the emotions linked to that trip.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck (The Razors Edge – 1990)

See you soon

Maurizio Marchisio

Maurizio Marchisio

Da circa vent’anni frequento quotidianamente Il mondo del Food & Beverage anche sotto forma di lavoro ed ogni volta che mangio, bevo, viaggio o cucino diventa automatico confrontare, curiosare, sperimentare, perchè è più forte di me provare ad immettere nel caos ordinato che alberga nella mia testa l’infinità di stimoli cognitivi e culturali che mi fornisce questo variegato ed incoerente mondo enogastronomico.

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