Little lesson from one who has just learned to laugh

learn to laugh :

I would never have thought it was so hard to do so, but i took almost 48 years to achieve this.

Let us make no mistake, it is not that I have never laughed in life, indeed, but now for some time together with the SMILE I had lost certainties and self-esteem.

I am not to criticize on why but a few days ago I witnessed in the first person to an abnormal phenomenon that was the cause of this my benevolent emotional mutation.

Difficult to try to explain and perhaps even I desire, even if it would place of law in the sphere religious mystical, but the result is that even if they are ever with a few hairs and with the beard tending to white i feel objectively different.

I have always been deeply logical and rational even if for some years I started to open a little this limited vision of reality .

I believe in fate and, as I have already said, our free will i think affects in a percentage rather narrow on the trend of life but sometimes occur of the facts totally duty and absolutely inexplicable to logical explanations of the human intellect.

Believing is a choice, free and personal (at least they should be) and i do not think it is obvious that an entity greater decides to confirm us.

Sometimes it happens ?

Who knows, but I know you want to honor the opportunity that I received, because for too many years I have watched the realization of my goal from a point of view completely wrong.

Make my father proud of me has always been the greatest weight and duty that I forced myself and to which I paid a pledge over the years.

I carry from time this huge boulder within the soul and, if we take into account that he died almost 30 years ago, for not letting me miss anything, while looking for the realization of this, I added a little bit of other weights so much for starters.

Have always been good to complicate their lives and harder to whom I was close, because as I mentioned before, I tried always answers to the wrong questions.


For years I had a desire for revenge bad covered by ambition, but, the yield of the facts, now, I understand that i have it all wrong.

I have always believed that the achievement of a successful economic or social i bring peace and, in this long search i lost sight of the main question continuing to accumulate on the heart and soul weights and shadows, and my character has become the mirror.

Angry, naughty, nervous and surly, are just some of the emotions that I forwarded to whom I was coming closer in these years, and this has contributed to alienate, scare and frustrate often those who wished me well.

I repent ?

And how could I fail to do so, but had to go so because even though nothing is due is provided, at the end I understood and the heart is freed and provided me with a resounding opportunities .

Are not become a holy even i want to take the vows, but I started to laugh and began running down inside an enormous positive energy.

Why ?

Who knows, but not the I will scatter and unlike how i felt until about ten days ago, today I want to show something to me.

Because at the bottom of the right question has always been this, does not demonstrate to others but to myself, and today for the first time in my life, I intend to do so.

It will be easy, I do not know, maybe for nothing, but does not count, because in my head is tripped something good and regardless of what will be the future that I was written, I will try to be the best version of myself for me and for whom I will stay close.

Sometimes things changes and laugh helps..

The track today is : Redemption Song – Bob Marley (Uprising – 1980)

See you soon

Maurizio Marchisio

Maurizio Marchisio

Da circa vent’anni frequento quotidianamente Il mondo del Food & Beverage anche sotto forma di lavoro ed ogni volta che mangio, bevo, viaggio o cucino diventa automatico confrontare, curiosare, sperimentare, perchè è più forte di me provare ad immettere nel caos ordinato che alberga nella mia testa l’infinità di stimoli cognitivi e culturali che mi fornisce questo variegato ed incoerente mondo enogastronomico.

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