It’s important that we continue to believe without ever give up…or not ?

Continue to believe or give up ?

It is one of those questions that I think so many people are placed in the course of their lives.

Has a large weight both from the point of view of moral and spiritual, because it falls in a complex ball very subjective that I personally consider not judges.

Sometimes it is believed and sometimes no, why in some moments of life perhaps give up proves to be the lesser evil and being aware of the uselessness of perseverance is a symptom of lucidity.

The reasons for which a person decides to continue believing or give up can be plural and are influenced by a substrate is very cozy.

It is evident that it is the context in which there arises the question that determines the weight of choice.

Give up competitive sport for achieved age limits weighs differently with respect to a series of investing in the wrong things reiterated in the hope of recovering.

Everyone has their own choices to be reckoned with and nobody can judge them or compare them, because every individual is different from the others and every situation makes history to If.

I fell in the footer equal in the field of banality rhetoric but at the bottom of this is the simple truth.

In recent years I have found myself live many of these decisions, it is not entirely clear that needs necessarily believe succeed in order to do so.

Sometimes you believe, pray, swear, repray, weepest thou, go darke, repray and again while you’re crying, hoping for some miracle that perhaps will never come because in moments of major crisis often lose the lucidity aiming everything on an emotional response .

What a big Chaos the coupled head and heart, produces large exploits but also great disasters.

In recent days I have learned something new about the concept of heart, because the traditional Chinese medicine since antiquity has always defined this not as a mechanical organ but as the true center of the human body, giving him a name : Shen.

The Shen is a concentrate of heart, intellect and emotions and if it works well, it earns the whole body, and I must say I am extremely agree with this definition.

I have tried it on me is I can safely say that there is a great truth in eastern vision, and, if we sum this idea to the religious the result that flows from it, can have enormous potential, both positive and negative.

Immagine correlataIn life I have had many reasons to stop believing and sometimes I did, deep in pain as if it were a warm blanket in an infinite cold and dark night, but the feeling that you sticks on him is not as nice as might be hoped, and the loop in which you enter resembles very closely the shifting sands of the Louisiana swamp : fascinating, but death.

In recent days I have understood one important thing that did change strongly my vision of things.

I have always been able to have the heart but in recent years I have learned to try to believe in something that is more in the top of us, and in the last few days, I have had the proof that I have not done evil.

I believe there is a destiny partly written in which our free will can contribute to changing slightly the route, but not always this operation there is clear and obvious.

I have recently tried on me one of these situations and, I have to admit, the sensation of change was tremendously powerful and real.

What is the truth : I do not know, but I realized that laughing and believe instills confidence helps the heart as a whole and there by a charge of positive energy to share.

The dark and difficult moments there will always be but laugh like children do not have price and helps us to live better and, perhaps, to make live better also the other .

Today’s song is a splendid cover of a horse battle of 1970 Elton John.

Your Song – Lady Gaga (2018)

see you soon

Maurizio Marchisio

Maurizio Marchisio

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