Spelt flour Tortelli with Prawns, Bisque & Speck powder

Hello everyone, i don’t ever made tortelli, but I wanted to try in recent days and I can say without denials, that the guinea pigs have survived and still enjoy excellent health.

From this it is not apparent that both the merit of my tortelli but neither can we say that it is not, to which…


Sometimes the dishes are born from the randomness and pairings follow the instincts and emotions.

Sometimes it works and sometimes not, but try is a great stimulus for the mind.

This is not a recipe particularly complex but requires several steps and then we identify what we need for the preparation.

Doses for 4 people

Tortelli :

300 gr. of spelt flour

3 eggs of average size, where arrive you choose but at least reared on the ground and it goes without saying that if you have in the courtyard or provides your near organic farmer, so much the better.

For the stuffing :

I decided that 7 tortelli to eachone could be good (and so it has been seen that also ate other), for which the doses the ratio at 28 tortelli totals .

9-10 prawns can be fine

Speck powder:

speck slices or pieces at least 100-150 gr.

For the Bisque:

the heads of the prawns

1 carrot

1 stalk of celery (small)

1 white onion

250 ml. tomato sauce



EVO oil


1/4 glass of Bas Armagnac or cognac

all-purpose flour to taste

Preparation :

start cleaning the prawns (I already wrote about it in the past recipes..), wash it and cut so as to have at least 28 pieces of similar size.

Put the heads of the prawns in a casserole with a few tablespoons of oil and an onion,a carrot and celery cut into pieces.

Brown for a few minutes and cover for twice the volume of water leaving simmer a twenty minutes.

In the meantime, beat the eggs and pour them into the flour (I used a kneader) and kneaded up to that the compound is not compact,dry and elastic. If in the course of the work there seems too dry, add a little warm water and evaluated.

Once the dough is ready formed a smooth ball, wrap in cling film and put it to rest in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

While the dough rests, The Bisque will begin to decrease, then add the tomato sauce, salt and pepper to taste and continue for another 10 minutes.

At this point, I have removed the heads and I added the Bas Armagnac bringing to the boil to evaporate as soon as possible the alcoholic component.

When there seems reasonable taste, remove from the heat and whip all, add a few tablespoons of flour (sieved , if possible) mixing vigorously and put again on the fire.

If after a couple of minutes, continue and be present of lumps re-mixing everything and finished cooking for other 10 minutes on fire.

Take the pasta of the tortelli from the fridge and, after it has been divided into 4, roll it out in as many strips.
Take a coppapasta and make 28 equal disks in which you will put a piece of Shrimp at the center.

Lightly moisten with water (with a brush is fine) sides and close to half the disk to then bend behind the outer sides.

Advance in flour and once ready put them to cool to dry.

                                       Take the slices Speck or the pieces and reduce as possible in strips of 2/3 mm thick and have them heat in a pan until they will be roasted but not burned. Attention because it is fundamental for the taste that, in the second case, would not be usable.

Once made crunchy, mixing it and if there seems quite small the final size, use a mortar.

Having regard to that in this dish you will use only a small part of the powder obtained, the rest you can store it inside a glass jar for a little..


Bring the water to boiling, salted, add a drizzle of oil, and bear in mind that the tortelli will require an average of 4-5 minutes of cooking depending on the thickness that you have given to pasta, and also because the shrimp must never be overcooked.

In the meantime put the bisque already hot inside of the dishes funds and positioned 7 tortelli for each diner.

Add a sprinkling of speck and serve immediately.

In pairing i have put a Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore 1997… fine perlage, notes of honey and a complexity that is beautifully accompanied to a dish from the strong taste.

Sometimes you realize after what have been perfect some days and how difficult it is to enjoy the full, then this combination eno-culinary must be greeted :

Lou Reed – Perfect Day (Transformer – 1972)



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