The Great White Wines of Terlano

Monday morning, 4 am, the alarm sounds but so do not sleep already from a little, I get, shower, coffee machine, recovery of the traveling companions and track, is part toward the Merano Wine Festival with subsequent visit to the Terlano Winery.

After 500 km, a day of sightseeing in the Kurhaus between the rigorous and ecumenical spaces occupied by the tables of the producers, a nice dinner and a tasting at the Catwalk Champagne, on Tuesday afternoon there can be seen at the Terlano Winey for the “usual” Visit and tasting with the nice and competent new entry Julia and the deus ex machina of the company, Klaus Gasser .

The company develops on two types of terrain: porphyry and calcareous, and from here you can guess part of the absolute developmental capacity that is located in its wines, that gives mineral components such as to cause the whites of Terlano are the only ones in Italy to be able to age to the point that play on the same field with the cousins of Burgundy.

In the historical period (1893) in which agriculture was controlled by the big landowners, a haggard group of 24 small winemakers decided to found the Social Winery of Terlano choosing, countercurrent, to give more importance to the white grapes in a land dominated by red wines.

The Courage rewards the bold (and in this case the farsighted) so much so that today the Terlano Winery has 165 hectares of vineyards from which are produced approximately 1400000 bottles, of which 70% are white wines.

I leave to stay the rest of the descriptive part that you can easily read on their website : Http://

the discovery of developmental capacity and its aging of these wines is enologist historical wine cellar, Sebastian Stocker, that from the fifties began to hide, literally behind a wall, of the bottles without says anything to anyone. For the case in the following years was made this discovery and he understood what Stocker we had seen along..and from there was born the myth.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to see more times the cellar and participate in tastings are incredible (i remember of Terlaner 1955 and 1969 above all) But the leap in quality was done with the creation of the rarity.

Inside steel drums from 2500 hectoliters (about 3300-3400 potential bottles each) rest “sur lie” mainly vintages of Terlaner and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) ranging from 1979 to 2005 and that sooner or later, when the oenologist will decide who will be the right time, will be placed on the market.

What can we say about the tasting of different wines.

As usual you are charmed by what this land and in particular this cellar can express. Large minerality supported by acidity and flavor even in difficult vintages warm to difficult. At the end the Terlaner Rarity 1991 (60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc) that was bottled in January 2016 after 25 years of aging.

It is a wine that is incredibly fresh and young, perfectly balanced… as they say on the other side of the Alps : Chapeau !!

Clear that match this wine a musical piece remains a little bit complex but it amuses me to the idea of thinking that it is impossible not to love those who have the courage of even just thinking about creating a similar wine, for which enjoy :

I was made for loving you – Kiss (Dinasty – 1979)

Small thanks to the mei old members and friends of Karver (Http:// for the invitation…

See you soon

Maurizio Marchisio

Da circa vent’anni frequento quotidianamente Il mondo del Food & Beverage anche sotto forma di lavoro ed ogni volta che mangio, bevo, viaggio o cucino diventa automatico confrontare, curiosare, sperimentare, perchè è più forte di me provare ad immettere nel caos ordinato che alberga nella mia testa l’infinità di stimoli cognitivi e culturali che mi fornisce questo variegato ed incoerente mondo enogastronomico.

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