The chaos in the head and the need to express it

barolo bartolo mascarello

The title seems interesting to me and was born without thinking, because shoot well what and where i am now, without knowing well how and where I can get, but I would like to try to find a sense.

I have the chaos in the head, I know, and I also know i’m not easy to pick up and understand.

Complexity is perhaps a potential quality for a father of 47 years which can be thrown away once again in the dark by instinct to try to bring peace to what remains of his soul and his heart.

I am so excited about what I like, sometimes long-winded, and other dark and gloomy, so a nice temper to take with the springs if I do not know.

I love the knowledge and the perennial search for something new, exciting and interesting, which is wine, food, music, motors, watches or who knows what else.

Get in the game in this new guise scares me a lot, but I need to prove myself to succeed, and if I am wrong, well, at least I will not be able to say not tried.

From today, if you must grant me a little of your time, you can get a taste of what love and, perhaps, a little I know.

This is nothing new but it’s my blog, and therefore I am in good and bad.

This is my idea and my vision of things, and who knows that it can not be useful and interesting.

I would Stop bore you leaving a suggestion for a pairing in these days that are becoming increasingly dark, court and a little gloomy.

Wine and music will be one of the constants that you will find in my posts, because together with the food are the perfect mix.


Barolo Bartolo Mascarello 2003 

hot vintage wine, difficult, faceted, as complex as the one who has produced. Fits nicely…

What is this Thing called Love – The Editors (The weight of your Love – 2013)

The text of this song says everything..many strong and lacerating emotions

Both I can only define them big, but not for everyone .

I hope you have you also fortunate to be able to taste together ..


barolo bartolo mascarello    

see you soon

Maurizio Marchisio

Da circa vent’anni frequento quotidianamente Il mondo del Food & Beverage anche sotto forma di lavoro ed ogni volta che mangio, bevo, viaggio o cucino diventa automatico confrontare, curiosare, sperimentare, perchè è più forte di me provare ad immettere nel caos ordinato che alberga nella mia testa l’infinità di stimoli cognitivi e culturali che mi fornisce questo variegato ed incoerente mondo enogastronomico.

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